Like me, you’ve likely seen ads for an editing product called Grammarly. This weekend, I took some time to research what kind of services the product offers, and after a lot of reading, I can definitely see some benefits, especially for non-native English speakers and those writing short pieces (e.g., blog posts, articles, etc.).

I don’t, however, think that Grammarly could replace a real-life editor for a more complicated projects (e.g., a novel, whether fiction or nonfiction). There are many reasons for this, including catching issues with continuity and point of view, and it turns out I’m not alone

Podcast: “How Editors Can Help at Every Stage”

“What exactly do editors do, and more importantly, how can we help you work through the writing process? Stephanie and Angela discuss the numerous facets of editing, from mentorship and motivation to story arc and character development to revisions and citations. No matter what phase of writing you’re in—and no matter what issues you’re facing—editors are here to help!”

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Podcast: “What Is an Author Style Guide and Which One Should You Choose?”

“Have you ever noticed that no matter what type of printed material you read—books, articles, papers, etc.—each industry-specific publication looks much the same as the next: one space after periods; a certain placement of commas; a particular format to block quotations; and footnotes and endnotes all tidy and consistent? This continuity is due to one thing: use of a style guide. Join us as we discuss the various style guides—and how to use them!”

Source: Editor’s Corner Podcast: What Is an Author Style Guide and Which One Should You Choose?

Reblog: “New Adventures in Language: The Editor’s Corner Podcast Goes Live!”

“Way back in May—my gosh, it’s been literally months!—I mentioned that I’d been busy with not editing. (Boy, has that changed! Yikes!) During that time, I was beginning to climb new mountains. Well, I’ve made it “to the top” of one of those mountains: recording podcasts! The view is gorgeous, and the sense of accomplishment…”

Source: New Adventures in Language: The Editor’s Corner Podcast Goes Live!

Article: “What to Expect from a Dog Ear Editor: Quality, Respect, Professionalism”

“Working with a Dog Ear editor is a little different than working with a freelance editor you find and hire on your own, and definitely different from working with a team of editors at a traditional publishing house.”

Source: Editor’s Corner: What to Expect from a Dog Ear Editor: Quality, Respect, Professionalism

Article: “How to Recover when Editing Goes Wrong”

“Maybe the topic was horrible, or the person was. Maybe you messed up the job, or forgot about it entirely. Maybe the hours were inhumane and the demands impossible to predict. Any conscientious editor will encounter a few of these situations if they stay in the profession long enough. In fact, any professional will. Sometimes …”

Source: How to Recover when Editing Goes Wrong –