Later vs. Latter

Maybe it's because it's so early in the morning, or maybe it's just Friday, but I actually had to look this up today to remind myself of the rule ... Don't judge! "Use later when referring to time. Use latter when referring to the second of two persons or things mentioned previously."

Marketing: Love It or Hate It?

Okay, readers, I have a question: As an author, how much do you hate marketing your books? Talk to me in the comments below about what problems you run into, what successes you've had, what you would change about the process ... anything and everything about marketing your book!


As an editor, I've seen everything from the blatant stealing of someone else's work (seriously—this "author" had cut and pasted pieces of published articles from the internet and put them together in a book as his own work) to completely unintentional infringement (where the writer acknowledged that the words were part of a quote through … Continue reading Plagiarism