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Podcast: “What Is an Author Style Guide and Which One Should You Choose?”

“Have you ever noticed that no matter what type of printed material you read—books, articles, papers, etc.—each industry-specific publication looks much the same as the next: one space after periods; a certain placement of commas; a particular format to block quotations; and footnotes and endnotes all tidy and consistent? This continuity is due to one thing: use of a style guide. Join us as we discuss the various style guides—and how to use them!”

Source: Editor’s Corner Podcast: What Is an Author Style Guide and Which One Should You Choose?

Podcast: “Everything You Need to Know about Dog Ear Publishing’s Literary Edit”

“Once you’ve chosen a literary edit or critique service from Dog Ear Publishing, you’re likely wondering what will happen next. Stephanie and Angela talk you through the process, including what your editor is hoping to see, common issues that can make an editor’s job more difficult, and how an author can work together with an editor to ensure the process goes smoothly!”


Source: Editor’s Corner Podcast: Everything You Need to Know about Dog Ear Publishing’s Literary Edit

Podcast: “Most Common Mechanical Mistakes”

“In today’s podcast, we are talking about the most common mistakes that we Dog Ear editors see, specifically the ones that you can take care of before sending your manuscript to us, so we can focus on more of the big-picture things and help you polish your manuscript.”

Source: Editor’s Corner Podcast: Most Common Mechanical Mistakes

Article: “Beginnings: Prefaces, Forewords, and Introductions.”

“After the cover art and cover copy, the most important impression of your book comes from its beginning pages. In a non-fiction book, that means the foreword, preface, and introduction, which not only explain where you’re coming from as an author but why a reader should join you on your adventure.”

Source: Dog Ear Publishing’s Editor’s Corner

Podcast: “What to Expect From Your Dog Ear Publishing Editor”

“Working with a Dog Ear editor is a little different than working with a freelance editor. Join us as we talk about why that is—and why you’ll want to choose us to help make your book the best it can possibly be!”

Source: Editor’s Corner Podcast: What to Expect From Your Dog Ear Publishing Editor