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Article: The Author’s Toolkit: How to Set—and Fulfill—Reader Expectations

“Have you ever gone to a restaurant and ordered a Coke, then taken a sip and realized what’s actually in your cup is Dr. Pepper? You don’t hate Dr. Pepper. In fact, on any other day, you might very well love an ice-cold glass of its wonderful fizzy sweetness, but on that day, you wanted Coke, and Dr. Pepper tasted awful.

The audience you’re trying to reach with your writing is no different—they want their expectations fulfilled—and today, we’re talking about how authors can best accomplish that goal.”

Source: Editor’s Corner: The Author’s Toolkit: How to Set—and Fulfill—Reader Expectations

Article: What Is a Style Guide … and Which Should I Use?

“Have you ever noticed that no matter what type of printed material you read—books, articles, papers, etc.—each industry-specific publication looks much the same as the next: one space after periods; a certain placement of commas; a particular format to block quotations; and footnotes and endnotes all tidy and consistent? This continuity is due to one thing: use of a style guide. A style guide lays out the standard for the way the contents of any written work—including punctuation, numbers, abbreviations, illustrations, tables, citations, and even certain spellings—should appear.”

Source: Editor’s Corner: What Is a Style Guide … and Which Should I Use?

Article: “What to Expect from a Dog Ear Editor: Quality, Respect, Professionalism”

“Working with a Dog Ear editor is a little different than working with a freelance editor you find and hire on your own, and definitely different from working with a team of editors at a traditional publishing house.”

Source: Editor’s Corner: What to Expect from a Dog Ear Editor: Quality, Respect, Professionalism

Article: “Building Your Writing Muscles”

“You’re out for a walk on a Sunday morning when it happens: An idea for a novel pops into your head. Excited, you rush back home, grab a pad of paper, and write. It feels electric, and the next morning, you want nothing more than to continue …

“But a sense of anxiety you just can’t shake prevents you from moving forward even an inch. You feel awful, your head swimming with shoulds and the overwhelming thought of Oh my goodness, I’m writing a book?! Once that sinks in, everything freezes, and pulling the next idea out from the mess seems impossible.”

Source: Editor’s Corner: Building Your Writing Muscles

The Audio Sessions: What to Do When You’re Stuck: Part 5.

In this series, we’ve been exploring an issue I see pretty often as an editor: getting stuck on the road to publishing your book and some of the reasons that might happen.

In this final session, we look at fear and what to do about it.


Click here to download the .pdf “Fear.”

Article: “The Organized Writer, Part II: Keeping It Straight: Your Content and Files through Drafting, Revision, and Editing”

“In the first article of the Organized Writer series, we talked about getting your thoughts for your book in order, putting those thoughts into the computer, and handling electronic backups. Here, we’re going to talk about the next step, content.”

Source: Editor’s Corner: The Organized Writer, Part II: Keeping It Straight: Your Content and Files through Drafting, Revision, and Editing