“It was a fortunate day for me as a writer when Angela Wade edited my second book. Angela is an excellent editor on several levels. She is intuitive when it comes to content and is very supportive while not being afraid to say the hard stuff. She also acknowledges that at times an author has to go with their instinct.

“Punctuation and formatting are my nemesis but when Angela finishes editing a manuscript it is beautiful. She is willing to go above and beyond. For example, if Angela does not know the answer to a question, she finds out and sends the author the source.

“After working with Angela for over two years my work is now tighter, clearer and more focused. I am currently working with her now on my third book and she is assisting me in adapting some of my work for a younger audience. In this endeavor her stellar editing has been crucial. I highly recommend her.” 

Kathleen Chamberlin, Author