“Over the years, I have used many editors to assist me in my work, writing novels, short stories, and poetry. For me, the process of editing involves much more than just grammar and punctuation corrections. I expect my editor to be an expert at all things copy-editing, but more importantly, I want a thorough developmental review of plot, dialogue, and character development.

“Angela more than satisfies my expectations. Her work is detailed and thorough. If she questions a reference in my writing, she often provides an appropriate link to prove her concerns. More importantly, she has good instincts about plot, dialogue, and character development, tailored to the manuscript’s genre. While she can be politely blunt (which I expect from an editor), she tempers her critique with appropriate suggestions for improvement. Her work is always finished on time and her charges are more than reasonable. I highly recommend Angela.”

Ron Holtman, Author

“It was a fortunate day for me as a writer when Angela Wade edited my second book. Angela is an excellent editor on several levels. She is intuitive when it comes to content and is very supportive while not being afraid to say the hard stuff. She also acknowledges that at times an author has to go with their instinct.

“Punctuation and formatting are my nemesis but when Angela finishes editing a manuscript it is beautiful. She is willing to go above and beyond. For example, if Angela does not know the answer to a question, she finds out and sends the author the source.

“After working with Angela for over two years my work is now tighter, clearer and more focused. I am currently working with her now on my third book and she is assisting me in adapting some of my work for a younger audience. In this endeavor her stellar editing has been crucial. I highly recommend her.” 

Kathleen Chamberlin, Author

“Angela was a valued contributor to The Pulse during the paper’s early days. Not only did she jump at the chance to take assignments, she also brought great ideas to the table. Angela never missed a deadline, and her writing was consistently clean, engaging and entertaining. She is a consummate professional. I highly recommend her.”

Bill Colrus, Writer and Editor

“I have know Angela Wade since the spring of 2014, when her son began attending classes at Balance Studios, an art and yoga studio for children. Since then Angela has volunteered to assist Balance with grant writing and, on occasion, service programming and copywriting. Most recently, Balance contracted Angela to manage and edit our blog.

“Angela has consistently completed assignments on time, if not ahead of schedule, to a high degree of quality. She is thorough, highly intelligent, and exacting in her standards.

“One of her many strengths is her willingness and ability to take ownership of projects and tasks, producing a level of quality that has routinely exceeded my expectations. Finally, it is worth noting that Angela is one of the most optimistic and forward-looking individuals I have had the pleasure of knowing.”

Denise Collins, Co-Owner Balance Studios

“Angela Wade is a very talented writer. She and her son have been clients for over a year at Balance Studios, an art and yoga studio that I co-own in North Chattanooga. Angela has written reviews of our business that have been published in local newspaper publications. She is very reliable and punctual and a pleasure to be around.”

Melanie Ferguson, Lead Teacher, Wauhatchie School

“Angela is a very helpful and positive assistant in helping me get my website up, streamlined, and properly worded. I only wish she could write the recommendation as well, as she has a talent for expressing the thoughts into more coherent and sensible sentences that are easily understood with minimal wording.

“She attacked the project with vigor and got the work done in a timely manner making sure the project stayed on track and ready for launch on time.

“She is a joy to work with and an inspiration to the trade she represents. I would highly recommend using her with my or any other’s projects.”

Jim Bates, Owner, Kizen Plumbing

“I have known Angela for many years, first as a parent who brought her adorable son to my children’s yoga classes, then as a trusted and valued friend. As our friendship grew, I discovered her many talents as a fiction, short story and article writer and later as a detail oriented, honest and meticulous editor as she willingly poured over my many attempts at children’s short story writing. She is patient, kind, has a great sense of humor and I am lucky to call her my friend.”

Claire Mooney, Yoga Instructor and Children’s Author

“I have been extremely happy with Angela’s work over the past two years. She is always working on improving her skills and, consequently, the quality of the service she provides to others. In the time we have known each other, even while she has edited for Dog Ear Publishing, she has helped me to become a better writer through our work writing for Dog Ear’s blog the Editor’s Corner. Additionally, she created the first incarnation of my personal website. Angela is a woman of many exceptional talents.”

Stephanie Stringham, Freelance Editor