Article: “Publishing Posthumously”

“When a loved one dies, so much is left behind, and sometimes, in the midst of mementos and other remembrances, there’s a manuscript tucked away. Maybe it’s complete, or maybe it’s only halfway there. Whatever the case, finding those papers is like discovering a treasure: a piece of someone we’ve lost that can bring them back to us, at least for a little while.”

Source: Editor’s Corner: Publishing Posthumously

Article: “Book Reviews: The Options, Their Differences, and How They Can Help”

“In the massive world of publishing, where up to 1 million books are published every year, getting the word out about a book can be a herculean task. Ostensibly, that’s where review services come in, so today, we’re discussing the largest purveyors of those services: what they provide, how they provide it, and whether they’re worth an author’s time, money, and patience.”

Source: Editor’s Corner: Book Reviews: The Options, Their Differences, and How They Can Help