Going Analog, part two.

I found out yesterday that I can delete both mail and text (including SMS) from my iPhone while leaving it usable for music, photos, GPS, and other necessities.

My plan is to still keep it turned off unless absolutely necessary, but now when I’m out on a hike, I can take a picture or listen to a playlist without seeing that new work is coming in. Freedom!

Going Analog.

This weekend I was inspired to continue with the idea of less by three things: this article, this website, and a conversation with my boss, who doesn’t own a smartphone and yet somehow manages to still, well, manage.

After spending the weekend boxing up even more things I don’t need, last night I finally deactivated my Twitter account (I haven’t been on Facebook for years). This morning, I ordered hard copies of Merriam-Webster’s dictionary and thesaurus: the two most important tools of my trade (after CMS).

The goal is simple: to stay offline as much as humanly possible.

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