Guest Post: “What I Look for When Hiring an Editor”

This is a guest post by Stephanie Stringham, managing editor at Dog Ear Publishing:

Over my years as an editor, I’ve heard a lot of people state confidently that they could be editors because they’re always finding errors when they read. I always have a couple of internal reactions to this. One is humor at how easy people think it is to do my job, and another is to feel a little bit insulted. Outwardly, I simply smile and murmur something noncommital.

The truth is, editing is a service, just like waiting tables, and a good editor, like a good waiter or waitress, will make the job look a lot easier than it appears.

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Starting on the 5th of January I made a goal to send out 5+ job queries per day, every day. That ended on February 4th. In that time I sent out at least 200 queries to every sort of publishing company and local marketing firm. I heard back from 48 of them, about half of which weren’t hiring. The other half requested a resume. Of those who requested a resume, I actually had prolonged conversations with 6 people.

The statistics look scary, I know. But I am happy to say that everyone I spoke to was kind, with a few going above and beyond (including Familius and Storey Publishing).

I am now very excited to be working for Dog Ear Publishing!

So for all those moms out there who might be going through a life transition or are just looking to get back into the workforce: do not give up! Rather, give it all you’ve got. You will get to where you’re headed.