Podcast: “Writing Children’s Books”

“Writing children’s books: How hard could it be? The truth is that because the typical children’s book ranges from thirty-two pages (picture books) to eighty pages (middle readers), it can actually be more challenging to write. Why? Because there is less content with which to communicate, meaning every word counts. Our discussion today includes the basics of writing for children: creating story and character arcs in a smaller spaces; why eye-catching, complimentary artwork is so important; why to avoid rhyming; and much, much more!”

Source: Editor’s Corner Podcast: Writing Children’s Books

Article: “Creating Picture Books for Children”

“Children’s picture-book writers must deliver a solid narrative, strong characters, and lovely language. These tips will have the audience begging, ‘Read it again!’ ”

Source: Editor’s Corner: Creating Picture Books for Children

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Article: “Writing Children’s Books”

“Why should books for children require any less attention to the craft of writing than books for adults? The answer is that they shouldn’t.”

Source: Editor’s Corner: Writing Children’s Books

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