Article: “Networking for Introverts: 9 Tips to Use at Your Next Event”

“Many editors also lean toward the introvert side of the spectrum, but this doesn’t mean we’re inherently bad at networking. In fact, introverts can be even better at networking than our extrovert peers! All it takes is practice. Here are 9 tips to use at your next networking event …”

Source: Networking for Introverts: 9 Tips to Use at Your Next Event –

Article: “Tips for Business Meetings When You Have Anxiety”

“As an introvert with anxiety, the ability to work from home has been a godsend. There’s no elevator small talk. Meetings are accomplished over text and email. The phone stays off, and my mind stays steady.

It may sound reclusive, but the truth is I do work better this way, because I’m not anxious about making a good impression. The computer doesn’t judge, and I don’t have to second-guess anything but the words on my screen.

There are times, however, when venturing out into the business world is unavoidable. When that happens, there are a few things I’ve found that can help take the edge off …”

From The Mighty.

Meetings and Homeschooling: Options.

After publishing the post on working while homeschooling, I received several questions about meetings. How do I handle them while homeschooling a boy who is too young to stay home by himself?

The answer? It depends.

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