Podcast: “Tearing Down the Wall of Writer’s Block”

“Every author in the history of the written word has been there: Staring at a blank page, unable to break through the freezing fear of putting pen to paper. This writer’s block might go on for hours, days, or years, and even the most talented aren’t immune. Join Stephanie and Angela as they discuss strategies to help you tear down that wall.”


Source: Editor’s Corner Podcast, Dog Ear Publishing

Podcast: “How Editors Can Help at Every Stage”

“What exactly do editors do, and more importantly, how can we help you work through the writing process? Stephanie and Angela discuss the numerous facets of editing, from mentorship and motivation to story arc and character development to revisions and citations. No matter what phase of writing you’re in—and no matter what issues you’re facing—editors are here to help!”

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Article: “Publishing Posthumously”

“When a loved one dies, so much is left behind, and sometimes, in the midst of mementos and other remembrances, there’s a manuscript tucked away. Maybe it’s complete, or maybe it’s only halfway there. Whatever the case, finding those papers is like discovering a treasure: a piece of someone we’ve lost that can bring them back to us, at least for a little while.”

Source: Editor’s Corner: Publishing Posthumously

Podcast: “Most Common Mechanical Mistakes”

“In today’s podcast, we are talking about the most common mistakes that we Dog Ear editors see, specifically the ones that you can take care of before sending your manuscript to us, so we can focus on more of the big-picture things and help you polish your manuscript.”

Source: Editor’s Corner Podcast: Most Common Mechanical Mistakes

Reblog: “New Adventures in Language: The Editor’s Corner Podcast Goes Live!”

“Way back in May—my gosh, it’s been literally months!—I mentioned that I’d been busy with not editing. (Boy, has that changed! Yikes!) During that time, I was beginning to climb new mountains. Well, I’ve made it “to the top” of one of those mountains: recording podcasts! The view is gorgeous, and the sense of accomplishment…”

Source: New Adventures in Language: The Editor’s Corner Podcast Goes Live!