Article: “Children and Divorce: At Eight Years Old, His Family Shattered.”

“At eight years old, his family shattered. At nine, he left his house and friends to move to an apartment beside a busy road where dogs bark, kids shout, and he isn’t allowed to run inside because it might disturb the neighbors.

“But he isn’t concerned with childish things; he’s too afraid, too hurt. The first weekend he spends with his father is agony. He feels disloyal; he feels angry. When he says ‘Goodbye,’ his voice is breaking, and his mother later tells him, ‘If you need to live with your dad for a while, I’ll understand. We’ll work it out.’ ”

From Divorced Moms.

The Idea of Less.

Since this new year began, I’ve been working on the idea of less. Less work, less worry, less clutter. Just . . . less.

One of the hardest things about freelancing is taking time off. Ironically, it’s also one of the things that makes me so good at what I do: I don’t stop until the job is done.

Burnout is real, however, and when your yearly performance evaluation specifically brings up “overworking” and asks you to “continue striving to find balance,” the issue obviously needs to be addressed. I’ve spent the past month doing exactly that.

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