Evoke vs. Invoke

Do you ever wonder what the inventors of the English language were thinking, making so many words sound so similar?

they’re/their/there | two/to/too | which/witch | hear/here | you’re/your

And how about words that sound similar and are spelled the same?

Pen: a writing instrument or a place to keep animals.

Lead: to guide or a metal.

It’s enough to make you shake your fists at the sky …

Recently, I got tripped up by a word and had to research before I turned in the edit. The word?

Here’s what I learned:

Evoke is a verb, meaning “to bring or recall (a feeling, memory, or image) to the conscious mind.”

Invoke is also a verb, but means “to call upon something, especially aid, assistance, or a higher power.”

So invoking is action-oriented, while evoking is a bit more passive.

And now the world makes sense again …

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