November’s work schedule.

Starting in November, I will have extra time to take on editing projects: non-fiction and fiction manuscripts, articles, marketing materials, websites, and yes, even grant proposals. Why not end the year with a clean desk and clear mind? If you have a project you’d like to discuss, get in touch!


Starting on the 5th of January I made a goal to send out 5+ job queries per day, every day. That ended on February 4th. In that time I sent out at least 200 queries to every sort of publishing company and local marketing firm. I heard back from 48 of them, about half of which weren’t hiring. The other half requested a resume. Of those who requested a resume, I actually had prolonged conversations with 6 people.

The statistics look scary, I know. But I am happy to say that everyone I spoke to was kind, with a few going above and beyond (including Familius and Storey Publishing).

I am now very excited to be working for Dog Ear Publishing!

So for all those moms out there who might be going through a life transition or are just looking to get back into the workforce: do not give up! Rather, give it all you’ve got. You will get to where you’re headed.

Something more permanent.

The freelance work has been going well, and now I’m looking for something more permanent: a part-time telecommute or local position in some kind of editing and/or proofreading capacity. There’s a vast world out there just waiting to be explored!

In the coming weeks…

…I will be taking a course on teaching writing to children. My hope is to teach creative writing classes to kids from kindergarten through 6th grades.

I’m also continuing work on children’s books, editing/proofreading, and homeschooling.

Don’t you wish sometimes you could clone yourself?